Welcome to the Blog, Y’all

David Tennant Wave.gif

I already have a personal blog where I write about various things going on in my life, but lately the main thing going on is my clinical depression. It’s therapeutic to write about it and put that writing out into the world, but I have certain followers on my other blog (*cough* PARENTS *cough*) who tend to get upset over certain details, so I decided to create a separate space where I can be unflinchingly honest and not feel like I need to censor myself. To further that end, I’m also keeping any identifying information about myself off this site (so if you know me IRL and leave a comment, please don’t blow my cover). Thus, my name on this site is Minerva. She was the Roman goddess of wisdom and war, and if you know me, you know that my slogan these days is “fighters fight.”

There’s going to be a lot of anger here. And some really sad, grim things. That’s what depression is a lot of the time. I’m going to copy over some of my depression-related posts from my other blog because they provide a lot of background information that it would be inefficient to reiterate in new posts here. Other things you’ll find here: Cussing and gifs. A high percentage of these gifs will feature David Tennant.

So…well, I guess I won’t tell you to enjoy. This is not something I’m doing for fun; it’s for getting my thoughts out of my head, and maybe, if I’m lucky, reaching other people who are also struggling so they feel less alone.

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