In which statistics are not my friend 

I just ruined my own day by googling statistics about bipolar parents having bipolar children. At first it wasn’t too bad – with one bipolar parent, the risk for a child is somewhere around 4-15%. The rest of the story is what upset me: Children of a bipolar parent have a 50% chance of having some kind of mood disorder (bipolar, major depression, an anxiety disorder, and so on). Two-thirds of bipolar people can point to someone with bipolar disorder or major depression in their immediate family. 

I want to say “that’ll teach me to google shit,” but in this case, this is stuff I need to know. I would like to have a baby someday if the opportunity arises, but as I digest this new information, I don’t know if I can, in good conscience, have my own biological kids. Fifty percent is a lot, and I don’t think I could live with myself if my son or daughter had to suffer through the things I’ve had to. I wouldn’t wish any of this on my worst enemy. Yes, this stuff is all treatable, but treatable and curable are different things. 

Ugh. I’m already a hot mess this week courtesy of my Cymbalta withdrawal, so this is highly unwanted. But I’ll soldier on. Just needed to vent a little bit of this angst. 

3 thoughts on “In which statistics are not my friend 

  1. This speaks to me. I prayed and hoped and wished on stars that my son would not inherit the same things I carry……but he has. And it tears me up that he’ll have to struggle with these things because of my genes. The positive is that I know what it is, what signs to look for, and how to not only help him but also help others around him understand him better. That wasn’t a luxury I had growing up. I can already see how much easier it is for him than it was for me at his age…because he has a parent who understands first hand. I’m able to pave smoother roads for him in places that were rocky paths for me so where he would have been struggling otherwise, he’s growing instead. Should you have children, they will have that same benefit. ♥️


    • At this moment, I feel like it’s not good enough that I’d know what to look for and get them treatment right away. For something like ADHD or anxiety, I could deal with that. But major depression, bipolar disorder, BPD…I don’t know if I can sign my child up for a 50% chance of one or more of those.


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